Why we’re celebrating our Cosmetic Labels and Claims certification

We now hold a Certificate in Cosmetic Labels and Claims from the IPCS! This small but significant change means we’ve upgraded from a beauty copywriter to a certified beauty copywriter. Learn what it means for your beauty brand.

What can you offer now?

Our beauty copywriter, Amy Hadley, is officially certified to:

It’s enhancing our existing offering: copywriting and editing services for beauty brands. We completed this certification because we’re obsessed with beauty communication, but we’ve also done it to support clients by:

  • Reviewing and editing existing claims,
  • Copywriting new claims for NPDs and promotions,
  • Offering consultation about regulations that relate to a brand’s claims and promotions.

In short, we can help you say the right things. This is very important. Regulators pay close attention to wrongdoing in the cosmetics industry, particularly around therapeutic claims and greenwashing.

What were you doing before?

Hadley Co. is built on applying best practices in beauty communication and copywriting to support beauty brands. This certification simply formalises what we’ve already been doing for our clients.

Plus, we now have even more resources, tools, and insights to help clients. Beauty brands that care about making compliant cosmetic claims can benefit from this. We proudly offer more specialised and nuanced advice, as well as our existing copywriting services.

What’s the point of a Cosmetic Labels and Claims certification?

This certification aligns with our broader purpose of improving communication in the beauty industry. We’re not interested in:

  • Misinforming or misleading consumers,
  • Creating unrealistic expectations,
  • Overblowing and exaggerating claims,
  • Degrading trust in regulators or product safety.

Our work values creativity over cliché, fact over fantasy, and clarity over confusion. Hadley Co. cares about doing the right thing as much as you do. We’re the go-to beauty copywriter for brands that want to make a positive contribution to the cosmetics industry. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another copywriter who’s this interested in cosmetic claims regulations.

Amy Hadley

Amy Hadley is a beauty copywriter with a background in print journalism, digital media, public relations, and eCommerce. As someone contributing to the beauty industry, she encourages her clients to use words creatively, sincerely, and responsibly. This is to promote more honest and thoughtful communication in the beauty industry, and better serve its consumers.

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