The beauty copywriter with a Dermal Therapy qualification

I’m excited to share news about what I’ve been up to over the last six months. As well as continuing my work as a beauty copywriter and growing Hadley Co., I’ve completed an Undergraduate Certificate in Dermal Interventions! As someone who’s worked in the beauty industry from the comfort of a desk and laptop for years, I decided it was time to challenge myself. I’ve had plenty to say (and write) about beauty, yet I’d never even touched a client’s face before.

What I studied

I wanted to formalise my knowledge, learn practical skills, and engage with the beauty industry in a way I never had before. Now, not only do I have a greater, academic-based understanding of how the skin, hair, and nails function (and what can improve them), but I’m also qualified to complete advanced skin treatments. Microneedling, laser and IPL treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and plasma fibroblast are now part of my skill set. I’ve also learnt to:

  • Design and apply appropriate patient history-taking and record-keeping strategies for consultations and demonstrate interpersonal skills,
  • ‍Describe the functions of the integumentary system, including the cellular turnover and major anatomical components,
  • ‍Describe the histology, physiology and anatomy of the skin, hair and nails, including the function of the associated glands and proteins,
  • ‍Demonstrate the ability to combine safety and utilisation of laser and light, as well as a variety of other modalities, the pre- and post-treatment protocols and various outcomes,
  • ‍Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and contra-indications underpinning various technologies and treatment options,
  • ‍Classify the fundamental types of lesions and develop treatment options for them.

Why I did it

I’m still focused on growing Hadley Co. as a premier beauty copywriting service. So, why bother with all this if I’m not planning to be a practising Dermal Therapist? In short: to never stop learning about the industry I contribute to. I don’t expect to be the most suitable beauty copywriter for every brand. But I do expect myself to work towards being the ‘whole package’ for beauty industry clients who value experience and education.

What it means for beauty copywriting clients

Consider it an upgrade to what I already offer as a beauty copywriter through Hadley Co. As well as copywriting and consulting about beauty communication for beauty brands, I can:

  • Interpret clinical study findings, academic research, anatomical diagrams, and histology images,
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of treatments and ingredients,
  • Translate this information into reader-friendly copy.

For service-based beauty businesses, I now have firsthand experience treating clients in a clinical environment (as well as a stint working as a spa receptionist during university). I know how to complete client consultations, aesthetic treatments, and pre- and post-care communication, so you can be assured I can accurately communicate service information for your clinic, spa, or salon.

Amy Hadley

Amy Hadley is a beauty copywriter with a background in print journalism, digital media, public relations, and eCommerce. As someone contributing to the beauty industry, she encourages her clients to use words creatively, sincerely, and responsibly. This is to promote more honest and thoughtful communication in the beauty industry, and better serve its consumers.

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