Hadley Co. can support you with beauty copywriting tasks, helping you save time and add value elsewhere in your business. You can select services as you need them.
We’ve also created customisable packages based on the most popular services for new brands or established business.

Product packaging copy
Product & service descriptions
Website copy
Compliant claims
Brand voice & messaging
Decks & presentations
Press & marketing material
Copy strategy
Special projects

Planning something big? Create a package.

New brands

First business? New to the industry? Starting a beauty venture? Launch confidently with brilliant copy. The way your brand expresses itself is an important element for a successful launch. Consumers expect transparency, personality, and above all, a clear reason to make room in their routine to include your product or service.

 Hadley Co. copywriting researches, strategises, and creates alluring content that is completely customised to your new beauty brand. We help prepare new brands for market entry with one-of-a-kind brand stories and concepts that define their perspective and become the foundation of a successful launch. 


  • Clarify your brand’s distinctive perspective to stand out from competitors
  • Create essential copy such as website copy, descriptions, and packaging
  • Define your messaging with a brand book and personalised style guide

Suggested services

  • Product packaging copy
  • Product & service descriptions
  • Website copy
  • Compliant claims
  • Brand voice & messaging
  • Press & marketing material

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  • Product or service naming
  • Professional bios and interviews
  • Decks & presentations

Price estimate

From AUD$2500

Established businesses

If you’re expanding your business with a new product or service, the copy will need to be consistent with the rest of your brand. Alternatively, if your brand’s existing copy isn’t achieving what you’d hoped, a fresh pair of eyes could be the treatment it needs. 

Our copywriting and copyediting services identify opportunities for improvement, and provide plans to create better outcomes where your words appear. Hadley Co.’s approach is to meet you where you are. We assess your current voice in the market and discover ways to strengthen it, while staying true to your brand’s DNA.


  • Flaunt fun and functional new copy that sounds spot-on
  • Create an actionable plan to improve or add to your brand’s copy
  • Refine and refresh your brand’s voice to enhance your impact

Suggested services

  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • Decks & presentations
  • Product packaging copy
  • Product & service descriptions
  • Website copy
  • Compliant claims

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  • Blog copy
  • Branded documents (like trend reports, case studies, and eBooks)
  • Professional bios and interviews

Price estimate

From AUD$2000


Hadley Co. pink swatch

We like to be flexible in our ways of working, so we can offer services that are most helpful to you. 

Most projects begin with receiving information from you, followed by a proposal from Hadley Co. This includes the scope of work and quote, based on the services you’d like to book. If you don’t know what you need yet, that’s okay. We can workshop it together.

When you’ve approved the specifics, Hadley Co. will begin the researching, strategising, and writing process. (Before starting, Hadley Co. kindly requests a 50% deposit for new clients and large projects.)

Some projects work best when divided into stages, whereas others can be completed in one go. Either way, you’ll receive first drafts and revisions for all of your copy. This is your chance to provide edits or notes before receiving the final version of your copy.

When all deliverables are completed, all that’s left to do is pay the project balance and book your next project. The entire process becomes quicker with ongoing work as we develop our workflow.

As much as they wish! We understand some clients require multiple levels of approval, and have existing guidelines to work with. Others prefer to take a step back and be surprised when they read their copy for the first time. We’re happy to accommodate any style of working.

It will depend on the exact details of your project, including how much time is required for researching, copywriting, and editing. Hadley Co. will provide you with a clear proposal and quote before starting your project, so you know exactly what price to expect.

Freelancer copywriting rates can vary wildly. That’s because it’s a relatively self-determining industry. Hadley Co. prides itself on charging fair rates that are in line with the industry, and are reflective of our specialised skillset.

We like to work with clients who understand the value of freelancers. That’s why we usually quote in day or project rates, rather than per-word. 

We like to take our time to fully understand your goals and give your project the attention it deserves. Most short-term projects can be completed within two weeks, and larger projects take about one to two months.
Hadley Co. can also work efficiently and reach realistic deadlines. Please make any deadlines known as early as possible to ensure your project can be completed on time. If your project needs to be done quickly, the best way to reach your deadline is to be prepared with all relevant information and be ready to work swiftly.

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Spent time and resources on formulation, logistics, and branding?
You’ll need add-to-cart-worthy copy, too.

If you’d like to find out more about how we work or what a freelance beauty copywriter can do for your business, we’d love to be in touch.