Why work with a beauty copywriting consultant

Your beauty brand or business might need copywriting support that isn’t straightforward. Some tasks, like writing product descriptions or blog posts, fit neatly into a box. But bigger-picture copywriting projects might not. May we interest you in enlisting Hadley Co. as a beauty copywriting consultant? We provide an outside perspective to beauty copywriting and beauty communication when you need it most.

Why do you offer consultancy?

We’ve worked with a wonderful range of clients in the beauty industry. Founders, formulators, service providers, marketing managers, creative directors, publicists, and more. Clients decide to work with Hadley Co. for a range of reasons but the most common include:

  • Wanting to utilise someone else’s experience and expertise,
  • Knowing their strengths – and copywriting isn’t one of them,
  • Lacking time, resources, or motivation to do it in-house.

We’ve seen our clients’ copywriting-related frustrations, frictions, and faux pas. From small start-ups to global brands, the frustrations around writing tend to be similar. Mixed messages. Too many chefs in the kitchen. Not enough clarity around goals and responsibilities. This is particularly the case with large businesses that have multiple people involved in their projects. Everyone involved wants their ideas to be heard, valued, and actioned. It all sounds great in theory, but why is this so difficult to achieve?

Copywriting projects quickly spiral out of control when there isn’t a team member who has the time or interest in managing the project from end to end. This is where Hadley Co. comes in. We’re here to untangle and tame your big-picture ideas and transform them into something readable.

How does Hadley Co. help?

Combining the sparkle of a beauty editor with the organisation of an account manager, Hadley Co.’s copywriting consultancy service is ideal for teams requiring deeper copywriting support. It’s not offering a cookie-cutter team course, one-off consultation, or quick fix. This service is tailored to teams in the beauty industry that need in-depth copywriting assistance for a project.

We can guide every person involved in a copywriting project through the scope, brief, actioning, and approval stages. No more asking ‘where are we up to with this?’, ‘who’s doing what?’, or ‘when’s that due?’. Hadley Co.’s got it covered and will keep your team updated throughout the project. If your team needs a bit of nudging to keep on track, Hadley Co. can be the friendly but firm voice in the team to do it. Can you imagine never having to chase up a team member again?

As well as helping smooth the workflow, this service uses experience in editorial writing, account management, creative services, and B2B/B2C communication to add value and vision to each project. This helps elevate your content, making it reader-friendly, contextually aware, and far more enjoyable to read.

How can my brand use a beauty copywriting consultant?

All you need to start is a project. (Perhaps it’s one you’ve been putting off.) Start using this service with a copywriting project you have coming up. We can assist with product naming, campaign copy, website copy, brand decks, product decks, pitch decks, presentation copy, white papers, eBooks, case studies, internal documents, or training materials. Hadley Co. is also available to create tailored presentation sessions, offering advice to help with your communication-related conundrums.

Clients using the copywriting consultant service will need to work with Hadley Co. to provide a clear scope of work, and some initial insights from project team members. You’ll also need to provide any relevant information, assets, and deadlines for Hadley Co. to work from. But that’s pretty standard for any project. During the ‘active’ work stages (researching, strategising, writing, and editing), you can be pretty hands-off. Maybe have a long lunch! To make the most of your Hadley Co. beauty copywriting consultant service, we ask for all project team members to provide clear, specific, and timely feedback.

Hadley Co. works with everyone involved in the project to collect feedback, apply edits, and problem-solve where team member feedback isn’t consistent. The final copy will be ready for you to publish proudly, knowing it’s been lovingly written with the help of a beauty copywriting expert.

Amy Hadley

Amy Hadley is a beauty copywriter with a background in print journalism, digital media, public relations, and eCommerce. As someone contributing to the beauty industry, she encourages her clients to use words creatively, sincerely, and responsibly. This is to promote more honest and thoughtful communication in the beauty industry, and better serve its consumers.

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