The anatomy of a beauty product label (front)

Creating an effective beauty product label is a fine art. It requires smart beauty copywriting, thoughtful product design, and marketing expertise. Nail this, and your product will be a step closer to flying off shelves and landing in your consumer’s routine. Take a look at any beauty product label in your bathroom: it’s not a coincidence that they all have the following parts.

Brand name or logo (most likely at the top)

It’s best to put your brand name or logo at the top of the beauty product label. Doing so helps make your brand easy to identify. Consumers are likely to recall a brand name, but maybe not an exact product name. Direct them to your brand first, then they look through your range to find the product they’re after.

Product name (positioned in the middle)

You can make your product name as simple or conceptual as you like. Just make sure it is easy to understand and remember. Long, convoluted, and jargon-filled product names are becoming less popular. Even the traditional and heritage beauty brands that relied on these naming conventions for years are beginning to simplify their product names. Thematic, tongue-in-cheek, and personality-driven product names are trendier, particularly with younger consumers.

Product purpose (in a few words or single sentence)

Summarise your product’s purpose in a way that ties in with your product name. Space permitting, you might also include details like benefits, ingredients, scents, and textures. However, it’s best to keep the front of your beauty product label clear and uncluttered, so don’t include too much here. You’ll have plenty of opportunity on the back (or sides, depending on your packaging) to build your product story. Keep the front snappy and strategic.

Product contents (in mL or g)

You must specify how much product is inside the packaging. Use mL for liquids and g for solids, but be aware there are some grey areas when it comes to viscous formulas. Double-check with your manufacturer if you’re not sure about which unit of measurement to use. And always leave a space between the number and unit of measurement.

The best way to write a beauty product label

There are a few reasons why beauty product labels often follow this layout:

Amy Hadley

Amy Hadley is a beauty copywriter with a background in print journalism, digital media, public relations, and eCommerce. As someone contributing to the beauty industry, she encourages her clients to use words creatively, sincerely, and responsibly. This is to promote more honest and thoughtful communication in the beauty industry, and better serve its consumers.

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